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For nearly 80 years, the Bonadelle family has helped shape the future of the greater Fresno area by offering new homes that make families proud to say “Home Sweet Home.” Lisa and John Bonadelle are carrying on the family tradition. As the Valley’s premier local homebuilder, Bonadelle Neighborhoods is dedicated to building quality, affordable, ecologically friendly homes with standard amenities that other homebuilders would consider upgrades.

The Bonadelle family has created a legacy of offering custom quality homes with luxurious features, superb craftsmanship and exceptional attention to detail that goes into each home they build. A home built by Bonadelle Neighborhoods is a home built to be uniquely yours.

By forming relationships, building loyalty and growing their business with generations of Bonadelle family members and families who have worked with them for decades, Bonadelle Neighborhoods is not just building homes; they are building value for generations!


The tradition began when a young John Bonadelle, Sr. built his first Fresno neighborhood near Manchester Center for first-time home buyers — many of whom were soldiers returning from World War II.

Today, John Bonadelle and his family continue the tradition. John officially joined the Bonadelle staff in 1984, working alongside his father to learn all there is to know about building new homes and neighborhoods with character and heart.

Now almost 40 years later, the Bonadelle family has built thousands of homes in the Central Valley. Their depth of experience includes the launch of new businesses, most notably, Bonadelle Neighborhoods. Since 2000, Bonadelle Neighborhoods has developed over 30 neighborhoods in the greater Central Valley area.

“The Central Valley is our home, and it is my honor to continue our family tradition of building beautiful neighborhoods that improve our communities and the lives of homeowners.”



As the area’s local leading homebuilder, Bonadelle Neighborhoods truly believes in creating homes and relationships that will last a lifetime. Relatives of the original staff still work with the company and many satisfied homeowners now have children who have purchased a Bonadelle Neighborhoods home.


The Bonadelle family continues to plan neighborhoods in the most desirable areas with the best schools and amenities offered. As the Valley’s premier homebuilder, Bonadelle Neighborhoods is dedicated to building affordable quality homes with standard features that other homebuilders would consider upgrades. Today, the family tradition continues with John and Lisa’s oldest children, John A. and Bianca, joining their parents and guiding the company into the future.

At Bonadelle Neighborhoods, we’re not just building homes, we’re building value for generations.

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